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Rang Cua

40 EUR

* livraison gratuite à partir de 50€ d'achat

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Rang Cua
means Dents de Scie in viatnamese.
Tee-shirts silkscreen printed by hand with water ink base
Made In Montpellier, France
Silkscreen printed by hand without any machine
Printed with water ink base
100%  Cotton

Sizes S, M, L
Colour Black


RANG CUA signifie Dents de Scie en vietnamien.

Made in Montpellier, France
Sérigraphié à la main sans machine
Imprimé avec de l'encre à eau (non allergène)
100% Coton

Tailles S, M, L

Couleur Noir


DENTS DE SCIE* is a french and british clothing brand created by two nice and juicy fellow, one from Montpellier, FR and the other from Manchester, UK.

*DENTS DE SCIE, SAWTOOTH is a specific terminology of silkscreen printing and characterizes an anomaly arising during printing (dented aspect on the edges of a design).
Although it can be considered as an imperfection or as a printing error, it is nevertheless a sign of quality and a guarantee of an authentic silkscreen print